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Fly Fishing with Phil Rowley

Hello, my name is Phil Rowley. Welcome to my Phil Rowley Fly Fishing website. Here you will find fly fishing tips, strategies and tactics. We'll look at entomology and fly tying, tell you about upcoming events, and many other points of interest. Please visit my online store for unique products and flies. If you are interested in expanding your fly-fishing knowledge, particularly stillwaters, consider booking a day of instructional guiding. Perhaps your local club or organization would be interested in an evening or weekend seminar. My goal is to pass along my experience and knowledge to you.


Visit Phil Rowley and Brian Chan's Stillwater Fly Fishing Store. We carry and ship a large selection of our signature flies, lines, rods, fly tying and flyfishing accessories. Plus, learn the art of flyfishing with our books, DVD's and digital downloads.


Unravel the mysteries of fly fishing lakes! Join me for a full or half-day of guided stillwater fly fishing targeting the fish of your choice; trout, pike, or walleye. I will use my 35+ years of experience to provide you with one-on-one stillwater fly fishing instruction. And, we'll have fun!


Join me as I travel to various destinations, such as Argentina and Northern Manitoba, to catch a variety of species on the fly. From trophy rainbow trout to northern pike, lake trout, walleye and Arctic Grayling.


Join my on-the-water stillwater fly fishing schools. In BC; Skitichine Lodge in Bonaparte Provincial Park and the renowed Corbett Lake Lodge near Merritt. Or, join me at Kenauk Nature, Montebello Quebec for Stillwater 101 & Advanced Fly Fishing. Check here for updates on our latest schools.


Enjoy tying flies? I'll give you detailed tying instructions for some of my favourite stillwater fly patterns. From start to finish, plus complete supplies list, you'll soon be tying your own productive flies for your next stillwater fly fishing trip. Have fun.


An understanding of the habits and life cycles of the aquatic life that makes up the stillwater food chain is critical to successfully tying and presenting flies that result it aggressive takes and exciting fly fishing action. We'll look at all the common insect groups that trout like to feed on.


Come and join us for the excitement of stillwater fly fishing with our on-the-water schools, seminars and guided adventure travel!

Estancia Laguna Verde, at Jurassic Lake
Join Phil in Patagonia

Estancia Laguna Verde

Stillwater fly fishing for monster trout in Jurassic Lake, Argentina

Learn More
Skitchine Lodge Fly Fishing School with Phil Rowley
BC's Bonaparte Provincial Park

Skitchine Lodge Stillwater Fly Fishing School

On The Water with Phil at Dagger Lake, BC

Learn More
Join Phil Rowley & Brian Chan

Corbett Lake Stillwater Fly Fishing School

On The Water with Phil & Brian at Corbett Lake, BC

Learn More
Gangler's North Seal Lodge, Manitoba Canada

Gangler’s North Seal Lodge

Catch the Canadian Grand Slam Join Me at Gangler's

Learn More
Stoney Lake Stillwater School

Stoney Lake Lodge Stillwater School

Join me at British Columbia's Stoney Lake Lodge

Learn More
Booking Inquiries
“If you are looking to get into stillwater fly fishing or just hone your skills, Phil Rowley is who you need to learn from. Whether it’s one of his online courses, a guided day on the water, through his social media channels, or seeing him present live at various events - Phil is the man.”
Ryan Ermet, student, Phil Rowley Fly Fishing School
Ryan Ermet
Former Student
“Phil Rowley is a stillwater authority. Phil’s strength is his ability to easily relate to fly fishers of any skill level. A guided day on the water with Phil is always about ensuring his guests have a relaxing educational day. Time spent with Phil is a great investment in the growth of any fly fisher.”
Bob Vanderwater
Bob Vanderwater
Central Alberta Fly Tyer


I have been fortunate to have the help and assistance from many sources during my writing, seminars and exhibitions. I am especially thankful for the help and support of the following key partners. Please click a logo to visit their website. Be sure to check out their YouTube and social media channels as well!

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