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Fly Fishing Lagos Strobel, Patagonia, with Phil Rowley

Lago Strobel: What to Bring

Whenever you plan a trip, the question, “What equipment or gear do I need to bring?” always arises. This question is magnified for a ‘bucket list’ trip involving airline travel and the associated baggage restrictions, such as a journey to Lago Strobel. One would hate to travel to Patagonia only to discover they brought the wrong rod and line or left the wading boots at home. This post should help address any concerns about your Lago Strobel plans. … Read More

Lago Strobel First Impressions

Lago Strobel First Impressions

To me, Lago Strobel is the World Cup of stillwater fly fishing. A top drawer bucket list destination. In all my travels I can’t think of a place that offers such numbers of quality double digit stillwater trout. To watch a pod of ten to twenty fish cruise by all in excess of 12 pounds or to see your mouse or Chubby Chernobyl sucked from the surface or perhaps a 20-pound fish cartwheeling after taking your fly in shallow water is the stuff dreams are made of. I can’t wait to return. … Read More