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Guided Fly Fishing with Phil Rowley

Come join me for a full or half-day of guided fly fishing instruction targeting the fish of your choice; trout, pike, lake whitefish or walleye. Together we'll unravel the mysteries of fly fishing lakes!


Join me on the water and I will use my 35+ years of stillwater experience to provide you with the best one-on-one stillwater fly fishing instruction. Introducing you to all aspects of stillwater fly fishing is my goal. You will be learning about fly line selection, leader set up and construction, floating & sinking line techniques, entomology, pattern selection, understanding structure, deciphering lakes, loch style techniques and so much more. You will be seated beside me in either my fully outfitted Marlon SP 14 Jon boat or my 17-foot Yamaha 1756 VBW. Both boats are motorized and feature carpeted floors, pedestal seats, and double anchor systems.


My boats are outfitted with stillwater fly fishing in mind. Their clean lines make casting a joy as there are few objects for your fly line to foul.

These boats are extremely stable, providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable on-the-water experience.

I am fully insured and trained in first aid.


Within 2 hours, often less than 1 hour, from the greater Edmonton area there are a number of productive quality stillwaters containing rainbow, brown, or tiger trout.

Depending upon your desire or expectations guided fly fishing trips can be tailored to hatch preferences, a specific technique, or either quantity or quality of fish. Chironomid techniques are a specialty. Large trout are a real possibility.

The selected lake will be based upon a balance between meeting your expectations and our best chance of success.


Pike on the fly can be heart-stopping. In many instances, the take is clearly visible, often within a rod length of the boat!

Within an hour of the greater Edmonton area await opportunities for large pike rivaling remote destinations.

This is a seasonal fishery, as such instructional guided opportunities are offered in spring as the season opens and again in late fall prior to freeze up.

Either time frame offers up the chance to shake hands with a number of large aggressive pike.


Walleye on the fly is something new for most fly fishers. Some actually believe walleye do not take flies! Believe me, they do and in alarming numbers. After a full day on the water, your arms could be the consistency of rubber!

The Edmonton area offers a number of lakes with consistent season-long opportunities. I will introduce you to my unique walleye methods on the fly including floating line techniques, with and without indicators, along with a variety of sinking line techniques including dangling and my fly fishing equivalent of the famed Lindy Rig.


Many of our local waters hold good populations of lake whitefish. These close cousins of the trout are an excellent quarry to chase with the fly rod. Lake whitefish feed on snails, small nymphs, scuds, and chironomids. Larger specimens can also be taken on small baitfish patterns.

In ideal conditions, lake whitefish can reach well over five pounds. 2-3 pound lake whitefish are common.

These fish have a particular liking for suspended chironomid patterns in either spring or fall where they flood the shallows in large numbers. These are the perfect fish to fine-tune your chironomid skills as they are usually very cooperative.

During the summer months, the shallows are warm and the dissolved oxygen reduces, lake whitefish retreat to the depths of the main lake basin. At this time they are more difficult to locate.

Spring and fall offer the best times to catch lake whitefish on the fly.


Your instructional stillwater guided fly fishing experience includes:

  • Transportation to and from an Edmonton area hotel or mutually agreeable pre-arranged meeting place.
  • Trips to lakes outside of the greater Edmonton area can also be arranged. Depending on the travel expenses there may be additional costs for these trips.
  • A complete lunch including sandwiches snacks, soft drinks, and water. When temperatures are cool we feature hot lunches to help keep you warm.
  • Appropriate, hand-tied flies of my own design that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Use of premium quality gear such as Mystic fly rods, Islander Reels, and RIO fly lines. You are welcome to use your own gear as well.
  • Leaders, tippet, and terminal tackle.
  • Rain gear if required.
  • Expect to spend 8-9 hours on the water for a full day trip

All you need to bring is yourself, suitable clothing, and your Alberta Fishing License. Leave the rest to me, including the pictures or video!

During the months of June and July, our long daylight hours allow the opportunity to stay on the water until almost midnight! Trips can be adjusted should your schedule be more conducive to a later start to your instructional day.

Guide Rates (CDN)

1 Angler: $450.00
2 Anglers: $500.00

Please note prices do not include the cost of an Alberta Fishing License

Trip Deposit and Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit to hold your booking is required. The deposit is refundable up to 60 days from the start of your trip.

Within 60 days, the deposit is non-refundable. If the trip can be rescheduled your deposit may be carried over depending on the nature of the cancellation.

Deposits can be paid by cheque or via credit card through PayPal to my email address Please do not send cash.

“My husband and I went stillwater fly fishing with Phil. He taught us to fish chironomids. We had a wonderful day on the water, caught many quality fish, and more importantly, learned to apply these game-changing skills on our own."
Stacey Taylor, Guiding Client of Phil Rowley Fly Fishing Guide
Stacey Taylor
Guide Client
"Phil is a highly capable, skilled, and knowledgeable guide.
My recent trip out with him consisted of knowledge sharing, laughs, and catching fish!
I will 100% guide with him again."
John Granger Guiding Client
John Granger
Guide Client