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    Trophy Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout

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Monster Trout: Jurassic Lake

The rumors you’ve heard about trout fishing at Strobel lake (aka Jurassic Lake) are true! Located on the remote, southern coast of Jurassic Lake (Lake Strobel), the Estancia offers the chance to experience some of the largest rainbow trout in the world. Estancia Laguna Verde is, unmistakeably, the ultimate flyfishing experience in Argentina's remote and wild southern Patagonia.

Saturday, December 7, 2024 (Arrive)-Saturday, December 14, 2024 (Depart)
(6.5 Days of Guided Fishing)

Three Spaces Remain
$7500 USD per angler

Guided Fishing

6.5 days of guided fishing. One guide for every two anglers.


Comfortable accommodation at the Lodge. Based on double occupancy.


Excellent local cuisine, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!


Beverages, including alcohol. The Lodge offers a wide range of first-rate beverages.


Return transportation to and from El Calafate to the Lodge, Estancia Laguna Verde.

Air Not Included

Airfare to and from El Calafate and gratuities are not included

  • We are happy to provide assistance, booking flights and overnight accommodation in Buenos Aires and El Calafate.
  • Space is limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.  To book your spot please contact me via email.

Join Phil Rowley Fly Fishing in Argentina

As some of you might already be aware each year I do my best to spend at least one week at Estancia Laguna Verde chasing the monster rainbows of Lago Strobel. Better known in some circles as Jurassic Lake. A place where trout average 15lbs. In addition to Lago Strobel, we also have access to smaller more intimate Laguna's or small lakes. Depending on the specific Laguna you have the opportunity to catch trophy rainbow, brown and brook trout up to 10lbs.

If you enjoy stillwater fly fishing then Lago Strobel and Estancia Laguna Verde should be on your bucket list. Lago Strobel rainbows average 10-12 lbs, fish 13-20 lbs are common, almost every week of the season fish over 20 lbs are caught and, fish over 25 lbs are caught each year. I have witnessed friends of mine catch and release caught and released numerous fish including three fish that weighed 18, 20 and 22 pounds!

This is primarily a walk and wade destination. The guides drive you to various spots along the 14 plus miles of shoreline the lodge currently has access to. We also have access to small Lagunas on the property containing rainbows, browns and brook trout. Some of these Lagunas produce trout in excess of 10lbs.


We recommend a 7 or 8 wt rod coupled with a quality reel with a smooth drag and plenty of backing, at least 150 yds. As with any travel trip bringing an extra rod and reel is a good idea in the event of an accident.  There is equipment available at the lodge at no charge should you break a rod or reel.

A floating line is all that is required but you might consider having some sinking leaders (such as the RIO Versileaders). Long casts are often not required but in general the longer the better. Lines such as RIO’s InTouchOutbound Short perform well, especially in the wind. There is limited opportunity to fish Booby or FABs on a full sink due to the rocky nature of Lago Stroble. However, quality fish have been caught on these so you might want to bring a full-sink, InTouch type VI or VII line if you would like to try these flies.

You should have a half dozen or so leaders between 9-15 ft. Leaders designed for salmon and steelhead are the best bet. RIO Bonefish or PowerFlex Plus leaders are excellent choices as they turn over well when the wind is up. Make sure you have a good supply of quality tippet. RIO’s Fluroflex Plus works best for subsurface presentations use Powerflex Plus for dry flies. The minimum breaking strength is 12 pounds, 15 or 18 pounds is better.  RIO Versileaders are also worthwhile, easy to pack, addition to your kit bag.

Your standard stillwater flies include leeches, Wooly Buggers, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, and Prince Nymphs. Dry flies such as the Morrish Mouse and Chubby Chernobyl’s are also recommended.  Stout hooks are required, Lago Strobel is not a place for light wire dry fly hooks.

Please visit my Blog to get a measure of the experience including what to expect, how to get there, and what to bring.


Please email me to book your spot and for additional trip information including gear and flies.


Amazing trip; Great whitewater, food, and awesome guides. We had an amazing trip. We were a large group, but easily accommodated by Thrillz Co. The food was amazing, the weather was perfect, and the rafting was super fun!
Sally Smith
October 2018
We had such a great time. Everything went over smoothly and our guide was very knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. They really exceeded my expectations. I know I'll be back!
Doug Martin
September 2018

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